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Sakae rubber makes "4 quality offers" "4 process guarantee offers" "4 environment quality guarantee offers" a basis.

Sakae rubber makes "4 quality offers" a basis.

1st・・・Quality offer of a product
2nd・・・Quality offer of sale and service
3rd・・・Quality offer of the amount, a due date and the cost
4th・・・Quality offer of business (work)

Sakae rubber makes "4 process guarantee offers" a basis.

1st・・・Quality offer of an ingredient
2nd・・・・Quality offer of a design phase (aggressive suggestion of VA/VE)
3rd・・・・Quality offer of metallic mold know-how (corresponding to request of many types of industry)
4th・・・・Offer of product matter by latest facilities (equipment of the original specification)

Sakae rubber makes "environment quality guarantee offer" a basis.

1st・・・・It'll correspond to the world request environmental standard.
2nd・・・・A customer requirement, it corresponds to a request.
3rd・・・・The numerical value guarantee is done by independent test equipment.
4th・・・・I make an effort toward the material development which always considered the environment.

Sakae rubber, the cost merit, "maximum", I do metallic mold laying of a keel by China and am here to utilize.

Sakae rubber is being performed at the Chinese factory which can trust "metallic mold arrangements" "formation TRY".